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V60 Twin Engine

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Cargo area

Обновления 7/10/2020

The car has a flexible cargo area that makes it possible to transport and secure large objects.

Bag hooks

Обновления 7/10/2020

Bag hooks keep carrier bags in place and prevent them from overturning and spreading their contents across the cargo area.

First aid kit*

Обновления 5/18/2020

The first aid kit contains first aid equipment.

Load retaining eyelets

Обновления 7/10/2020

Use the load retaining eyelets to attach straps in order to anchor items in the cargo area.

Warning triangle

Обновления 5/18/2020

Use the warning triangle to warn other road users if the car is stationary in traffic.

Unlocking the tailgate with the remote control key

Обновления 7/10/2020

It is possible to unlock just the tailgate by pressing a button on the remote control key.

Programming maximum opening for power operated tailgate*

Обновления 7/10/2020

Adapt the tailgate's opening position to low roof height.

Opening and closing the power*-operated tailgate

Обновления 7/10/2020

Function where the tailgate can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.


Opening and closing the tailgate with foot movement*

Обновления 7/10/2020

A function which allows the tailgate to open and close by moving a foot under the rear bumper makes life easier when your hands are full.

Unlocking the tailgate from the inside of the car

Обновления 7/10/2020

The tailgate can be unlocked from inside by pressing the button on the instrument panel.

Keyless unlocking of the tailgate*

Обновления 1/31/2020

With keyless locking and unlocking, it is sufficient to touch the touch-sensitive surface on the tailgate handle to unlock the tailgate.

Fuses in cargo area

Обновления 1/31/2020

Fuses in the cargo area protect, amongst other things, power seats, airbags and seatbelt tensioners.