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V60 Twin Engine

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Passenger compartment interior

Обновления 1/31/2020

Overview of the passenger compartment's interior and storage locations.

Using the cigarette lighter*

Обновления 1/31/2020

The cigarette lighter can be a complement to the 12 V socket in the front section of the tunnel console.

Electrical sockets

Обновления 1/31/2020

There are two 12 V electrical sockets and one 230 V electrical socket in the tunnel console, and there is one 12 V electrical socket in the cargo area.If a problem occurs with an electrical socket, contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Using electrical sockets

Обновления 7/10/2020

12 V sockets can be used for various accessories designed for this, such as music players, cooler boxes and mobile phones.High-voltage sockets can be used for various accessories designed for this, such as chargers and portable computers.

Using the glovebox

Обновления 1/31/2020

The glovebox is located on the passenger side. The printed owner's manual and maps can be kept in the glovebox, for example. There is also space for a pen and card holder.

Sun visors

Обновления 7/10/2020

There are sun visors in the roof in front of the driver seat and the front seat passenger seat which can be folded down and angled out to the side when necessary.

Tunnel console

Обновления 1/31/2020

The tunnel console is located between the front seats.

Fuses under glovebox

Обновления 1/31/2020

Fuses under the glovebox protect, amongst other things, electrical sockets, displays and door modules.