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V60 Twin Engine

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Connect the car to the Internet via car modem (SIM card)

It is possible to establish an Internet connection via the car modem and a personal SIM card (P-SIM).

Help with Volvo On Call*

Volvo On Call can provide extra security and assistance if you have a puncture, your engine breaks down or you lose your keys.

Send destinations to the car's navigation system via a Volvo On Call* service centre

Contact a Volvo On Call service centre to have destinations sent directly to the car's navigation system.

Remote vehicle immobiliser with Volvo On Call*

In the event of car theft, an immobiliser can be activated remotely.

Remote unlocking and remote locking with Volvo On Call*

The car can be unlocked remotely via the Volvo On Call service centre. It can also be locked and unlocked using the Volvo On Call app.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking with Volvo On Call*

If car theft is suspected, contact a Volvo On Call service centre via the Volvo On Call app or a phone call to attempt to locate the car.

Theft Notification with Volvo On Call*

When the car's alarm is activated, the car owner receives a message to the phone number registered with the dealer and then a push notice to the Volvo On Call app.

Help during a trip with Volvo On Call

If you have a puncture, run out of fuel or your battery is discharged, for example, you can summon assistance with the ON CALL button or the Volvo On Call app.

Customer service via Volvo On Call*

Press the ON CALL button for answers to general customer questions.

Comfort and control with the Volvo On Call app

Volvo On Call users always have direct contact with their cars via the Volvo On Call app.