Climate system controls

Climate controls

Updated 7/9/2020

Climate controls

The climate control system's functions are controlled from physical buttons in the centre console, the centre display and the climate controls at the rear of the tunnel console*.

Physical buttons in centre console

P5-1507–Climate–Physical buttons
Button for heated windscreen* and max defroster.
Button for heated rear window and door mirrors.

Climate row in centre display

The most common climate functions can be regulated from the climate row.

P5-1507–Climate–Climate pane
Temperature controls for driver and passenger side.
Controls for heated* and ventilated* driver and front passenger seat, as well as heated steering wheel*.
Button for access to the climate view. The graphic on the button shows activated climate settings.

Climate view in centre display

    One tap on the centre button in the climate row gives access to the climate view.

    Depending on equipment level, the climate view can be divided into several tabs. Change between the tabs by swiping left/right or by pressing the respective heading.

    Main climate

    In addition to the climate row's functions, other main climate functions can also be controlled in the Main climate tab.

    P5-1507–Climate–Main climate screen
    Max, Electric, Rear - Controls for defrosting the windows and door mirrors.
    AC - Controls for air conditioning.
    Recirc - Controls for air recirculation.
    Controls for air distribution.
    Fan control for front seat (with 2-zone climate, the control is shared with the rear seat).
    AUTO - Auto regulating the climate.

    Rear climate control*

    All climate functions for the rear seat can be regulated in the Rear climate tab.

    P5-1617-S90/V90–Climate–Rear climate screen
    2nd row climate - Controls for climate functionality in the rear seat. Fan controls for rear seat.
    Temperature controls for rear seat.
    Controls for heated rear seat*.

    Parking climate*

    The car's parking climate control can be regulated in the Parking climate tab.

    Climate controls at rear of tunnel console*

    P5-1717–Climate–Rear climate controls
    Controls for heated rear seat*.
    Fan controls for rear seat.
    Temperature controls for rear seat.
    Locking/unlocking button on the climate panel.

    If the car is not equipped with a climate panel at the rear of the tunnel console, but has heated rear seats*, there are physical buttons at the rear of the tunnel console for controlling these.

    The climate panel has a screen lock to prevent unintentional change of fan speed and temperature. When the screen is locked, only the seat controls* and the unlocking button are shown.

    After unlocking, the fan speed and temperature can be changed via the climate panel and all selected climate settings are shown. The screen locks automatically after a period of inactivity.

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