Driver display

Driver display settings

Updated 7/9/2020

Driver display settings

Settings for the driver display's display options can be made via the driver display's application menu and via the centre display's settings menu.

Settings via the driver display's app menu

P5-1746-Driver display app menu

The figure is schematic - the layout may vary.

The app menu is opened and controlled using the right-hand keypad on the steering wheel.

In the app menu, you can choose which information is shown on the driver display from:

  • Trip computer
  • media player
  • phone
  • navigation system*.

Settings via the centre display

Selecting information type

Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.

Press My CarDisplaysDriver Display Information.

Select what should be shown in the background:

  • Show no information in background
  • Show information for current playing media
  • Show navigation even if no route is set

    The map is only shown with the 12-inch driver display*. The 8-inch driver display only shows guidance.


Selecting theme

Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.

Tap on My CarDisplaysDisplay Themes

Select a theme (appearance) for the driver display:

  • Glass
  • Minimalistic
  • Performance
  • Chrome Rings.

Selecting language

Tap on Settings in the centre display's top view.

Tap on SystemSystem Languages and UnitsSystem Language to select language.

A change will affect the language in all displays.

These settings are personal and are saved automatically to the active driver profile.

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