Road Sign Information

Activating/deactivating Road Sign Information

Обновления 7/9/2020

Activating/deactivating Road Sign Information

The Road Sign Information function is selectable - the driver can select On or Off.

P5-1507-Knapp TrafikSkyltsInformation RSI

Press the Road Sign Information button in the centre display function view.

  • GREEN button indication - RSI is activated.
  • GREY button indication - RSI is deactivated.


  • If the Automatic Speed Limiter function is activated, road sign information is shown in the driver display even if RSI

    Road Sign Information – RSI

    is not activated.
  • To remove road sign information from the driver display, you must deactivate both Automatic Speed Limiter and RSI.
  • When the Automatic Speed Limiter function is activated but RSI is deactivated, no warnings are given from RSI. RSI must also be activated in order to receive warnings.

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