Manual emergency service with ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС

Updated 5/18/2020

Manual emergency service with ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС

Contact an ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator to call for help in emergencies.

To alert an ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator manually:

Push the SOS button for at least 2 seconds to summon help in case of illness, external threats to the car or passengers, etc.

The SOS button is flashing and sequences of beeps are heard, contact is being established with the ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator and data is automatically being sent from the car to the ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator. A long sound indication confirms that the setup was successful.

After that, verbal contact will be established between the car and the ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator.

The ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator will then contact the necessary assistance.

The user can cancel the manual emergency service by holding down the ON CALL button if the call has not been connected to the ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС system operator.

If step 2 above does not occur, the system is continuously trying to establish the emergency call for a long time. If the SOS button light is turned off, flashes quickly before it is turned off again and then goes back to normal mode, this indicates that the emergency call failed.


The operator can call back up to two hours after activation of the emergency service. Functions via the car's built-in modem may be affected during this time.

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