Keyless locking and unlocking

Keyless unlocking of the tailgate*

Updated 7/9/2020

Keyless unlocking of the tailgate*

For keyless unlocking of the tailgate, all you have to do is have the remote control key in a pocket or bag, for example.

The tailgate is held closed by an electrical lock.

16w17 - SPA - V90 - Tailgate pointing out handle

To open the tailgate:

Press gently on the rubberised pressure plate beneath the tailgate handle.

The lock is released.


One of the car's remote control keys must be within range behind the car for unlocking to work.

Lift by the outside handle in order to fully open the tailgate.


  • Minimal force is required to release the rear hatch lock - just gently press the rubberised panel.
  • Do not place the lift force on the rubber panel when opening the rear hatch - lift the handle. Using too much force may damage the electrical contacts on the rubber panel.

It is also possible to unlock the tailgate hands-free with a foot movement under the rear bumper, see separate section.


Do not drive with an open tailgate! Toxic exhaust fumes could be drawn into the car through the cargo area.

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