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Sound, media and Internet

Обновления 7/9/2020

The audio and media system consists of media player and radio. You can also connect a phone via Bluetooth to use handsfree functions or play music wirelessly in the car. When the car is connected to the Internet you can also use apps for media playback.

License agreement for audio and media

Обновления 7/9/2020

A license is an agreement for the right to operate a certain activity or the right to use someone else's entitlement according to the terms and conditions in the agreement. The following texts are Volvo's agreements with manufacturers/developers. Most of the texts are in English.

Storage space on hard disk

Обновления 5/18/2020

It is possible to view how much free space there is on the car's hard disk.

Audio settings

Обновления 7/9/2020

The audio system is preset for optimum sound reproduction, but it can also be adapted.

Sound experience*

Обновления 7/9/2020

Sound experience is an app that provides access to further audio settings.

Customer Privacy Policy

Обновления 7/9/2020

Volvo respects and safeguards the personal integrity of everyone visiting our website.

Sensus - online connectivity and entertainment

Обновления 7/9/2020

Sensus makes it possible to surf the Internet, use different types of apps and make the car a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Terms & Conditions for Services

Обновления 7/9/2020

Volvo offers services so that you can drive your Volvo as safely and as comfortably as possible.