Volvo On Call

Volvo On Call*

Обновления 7/9/2020

Volvo On Call*

Volvo On Call provides direct contact to the car as well as extra comfort and assistance 24 hours a day.

The functions are available via the Volvo On Call appApp functions vary between markets. and the ON CALL button in the car's roof:

P5/P6-1746-VOC-App and roof buttons

For example, you can lock or unlock the car or check the fuel level directly on a phone via the Volvo On Call app, and roadside assistance can be called for less urgent problems, such as a puncture.


The SOS button in the roof is connected to ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС, which is a separate organisation and has nothing to do with Volvo On Call. ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС is standard in all cars.

The emergency system is only activated where ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС is a legal requirement. Outside these areas, the car may contact other emergency services.

Volvo On Call system

Volvo On Call is linked to the car's safety and alarm systems as well as other systems in the car, such as locking and climate control. The car has a built-in modem for communication with a Volvo On Call service centre and the Volvo On Call app. GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is used to locate the car.

Contact service centre

To contact a Volvo On Call service centre, use the car's ON CALL button or the Volvo On Call app. You can also call a Volvo On Call service centre.

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