Front seat

Power* front seat

Updated 1/31/2020

Power* front seat

The car's front seats have different setting options for optimum seating comfort. The power seat can be moved forwards/backwards and upwards/downwards. The front edge of the seat cushion can be raised/lowered as well as adjusted in length* and the backrest inclination can be changed. The lumbar support* can be adjusted upward/downward/forward/backward.Applicable to four-way lumbar support*. Two-way lumbar support* is adjusted forwards/backwards.

Seat setup can take place when the engine is running and within a certain time after unlocking the door without the engine running. Adjustment can also be performed within a certain time after the engine has been switched off.


The power seats have overload protection that is triggered if any seat is blocked by an object. If this happens, remove the object and then move the seat again.

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