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XC90 Twin Engine

Centre display

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Moving apps and buttons in centre display

The apps and buttons for car functions in the app view and function view respectively can be moved and organised as desired.

Message in centre display

The centre display can show messages to inform or assist the driver in the event of different events.

Enter the characters, letters and words manually in the centre display

The centre display keyboard allows you to enter characters, letters and words on the screen by "drawing" by hand.

Changing keyboard language in centre display

To make it possible to switch between different languages for the keyboard, the languages must first be added under Settings.

Show trip statistics in the centre display

Trip statistics from the trip computer are displayed graphically in the centre display and provide an overview that facilitates more fuel-efficient driving.

Symbols in the centre display's status bar

Overview of the symbols that can be shown in the centre display's status bar.

Navigate in the owner's manual in the centre display

The digital owner's manual can be accessed from the centre display top view in the car. The content is searchable and it is easy to navigate between different sections.

Managing tiles in centre display

Home view consists of four tiles: Navigation, Media, Phone and an extra tile. These views can be expanded.


Navigating in the centre display's views

There are five different basic views in the centre display: home view, top view, climate view, application view (app view) and function view. The screen is started automatically when the driver's door is opened.

Function view in centre display

All the buttons for car functions are located in the function view, one of the centre display's basic views. Navigate to the function view from home view by swiping from left to right across the screen* .

Keyboard in centre display

The centre display keyboard makes it possible make entries using keys. It is also possible to "draw in" letters and characters on the screen by hand.

Activating and deactivating centre display

The centre display can be dimmed and reactivated using the home button beneath the screen.

Managing the centre display

Many of the car's functions are controlled and regulated from the centre display. The centre display is a touch screen that reacts to touch.

Overview of centre display

Many of the car's functions are controlled from the centre display. Presented here is the centre display and its options.

Owner's manual in centre display

A digital* version of the owner's manual is available in the car's centre display.