Head-up display

Head-up display*

Обновления 7/23/2018

The head-up display supplements the car's driver display and projects information from the driver display onto the windscreen. The projected image can only be seen from the driver position.

P5-1717-XC60-Head up display phone call

Incoming phone calls.

The head-up display shows warnings and information relating to speed, cruise control functions, navigation, etc. in the driver's field of vision. Road Sign Information and incoming phone calls can also be shown in the head up display.


The driver's ability to see the information in the head-up display is impaired by the following:

  • use of polarising sunglasses
  • a driving position which means that the driver is not sitting centred in the seat
  • objects on the display unit's cover glass
  • unfavourable light conditions.


The display unit from which the information is projected is located in the instrument panel. To avoid damage to the display unit's cover glass - do not store any objects on the cover glass and make sure that no objects fall down onto it.

P5-1717-XC60-Head-up display overview new layout

Examples of what can be shown in the display.

Cruise control
Road signs

A number of symbols can be shown temporarily in the head-up display, e.g.:

P5-1507 Symbol General red

If the warning symbol illuminates - read the warning message in the driver display.

P5-1507 Symbol General yellow

If the information symbol illuminates - read the message in the driver display.


Certain visual defects may cause headaches and a feeling of stress during the use of the head-up display.

City Safety in the head-up display

When City Safety is activated, the information in the head-up display is replaced by a graphic for City Safety. This graphic is illuminated even if the head-up display is switched off.

P5-1507 HUD collision warning

The graphic for City Safety flashes in order to catch the driver's attention.

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