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XC90 Twin Engine

Maintenance and service

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Brake system maintenance

Check brake system components regularly for wear.

Operational disruption

An operational disruption in the car may have different causes and is not necessarily due to a direct fault.

Book service and repair

This service provides a convenient way to book a service and workshop visit directly in the car.

Servicing the climate control system

The air conditioning system must only be serviced and repaired by an authorised workshop.

Managing system updates via the Download Centre

System updates are intended for the online and infotainment components in the car. If system software updates are available, the updates can be made all at once or one at a time.

Volvo service programme

To keep the car as safe and reliable as possible, follow the Volvo service programme as specified in the Service and Warranty Booklet.

Data transfer between car and workshop via Wi-Fi

Volvo's workshops have a specific Wi-Fi network for secure data transfer between your car and the workshop. Your workshop visit will be simpler and more efficient when the transfer of diagnostic information and software can take place via the workshop's network.

Sending car information to a workshop

It is possible to send information for the car at any time, e.g. if you book a workshop appointment and want to help your workshop by providing them with better data so that your visit can be planned. Sending car information is not the same as booking a service appointment.

Opening and closing the bonnet

The bonnet can be opened using the handle in the passenger compartment and a handle under the bonnet.

Car status

The car's general status can be shown in the centre display along with the opportunity to book service* .

Raise the car

When raising the car it is important that the car jack or the workshop/garage jack is fitted to the intended points on the car’s underbody.