Map navigation* in the driver display

Updated 7/23/2018

Sensus Navigation is displayed and operated in a number of ways, e.g. via the driver display.

P5-15w07-Overview-DIM 12

The map is only shown in the 12" driver display.

During driving the driver is guided by voice guidance and instructions on the driver display. Map display in the driver display can also be activated without a set destination.

The right-hand steering wheel keypad and the driver display

The right-hand steering wheel buttons can be used to manage some of the map navigation functions, e.g. Take me home and Cancel guidance. If a message is shown the driver display, it must first be acknowledged or dismissed for the menu to be shown.

P5-1617-Navi-App menu and right steering wheel switch (RoW)
Opening/closing the menu. The menu is closed automatically after a period of inactivity or with certain options.
Browsing between menus.
Browsing between menu options.
Confirm or highlight an option.

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