Symbols and buttons on the map*

Updated 7/23/2018

The map in the centre display shows symbols and colours providing information about various roads and the area around the car and the route. A tool bar with different buttons for different settings is to the left.

P5-1717-Navi Cover inside
Symbols and buttons on the map
arrival time/remaining travel time
Distance to destination
Compass/changes between north and travel direction up
Destination/final destination
Changes map display between 2D and 3D
Reset the map to follow the car
Point of interest (POI

Point of Interest

Traffic information
Minimises (expanded view) or maximises the map image (full screen)
Car on planned route
Minimises the tools field
Repeat the current voice guidance
Minimises the tools field
Calculate detour
Voice guidance temporarily On/Off
Shows list with the itinerary's guidance points
Specifying destinations/intermediate destinations
Cancels guidance
Shows list of the itinerary's points of interest (POI

Point of Interest

) and traffic information
Next manoeuvre
Itinerary and Alternative route
Destination/final destination

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