Voice control map navigation*

Updated 7/23/2018

Several navigation system functions can be activated with voice commands.

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Tap on and say one of the following commands:

  • Navigation” - Initiates a navigation dialogue and shows examples of commands.
  • "Take me home" - Guidance is given to the Home position.
  • "Go to[City]" - Specifies a city as a destination. Example "Drive to London".
  • "Go to[Address]" - Specifies an address as a destination. An address must contain city and street. Example "Drive to 5 King's Road, London".
  • "Add intersection" - Starts a dialogue where two streets must be specified. The intersection point of the specified streets then becomes the destination.
  • "Go to[Post code]" - Specifies a post code as a destination. Example "Drive to 1 2 3 4 5".
  • "Go to[contact]" - Specifies an address from the phone book as a destination. Example "Drive to Robyn Smith".
  • "Search[POI category]" - Searches for adjacent points of interest (POI) within a certain category (e.g. restaurants)

    The user has the option of calling the POI or specifying it as a destination.

    . To have the list sorted along the route - say "Along the route" when the results list is shown.
  • "Search[POI category] in [City]" - Searches for points of interest (POI) within a certain category and city. The list of results is sorted according to the city's central point. Example "Search for restaurant in London".
  • "Search[POI name]". Example "Search Hyde Park".
  • "Change country/Change state

    In European countries, “Country” is used instead of “State”.


    For Brazil and India, the search area is changed via the centre display.

    " - Changes the search area for navigation.
  • "Show favourites" - Shows favourited positions in the driver display.
  • "Clear itinerary" - Erases all the stored intermediate destinations and final destination in an itinerary.
  • "Repeat voice guidance" - Repeats the last spoken guidance.
  • "Turn off voice guidance" - Switches off voice guidance.
  • "Turn on voice guidance" - Starts the switched-off voice guidance.

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