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XC90 Twin Engine

Park assist camera

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Starting the park assist camera

Обновления 7/9/2020

The park assist camera starts automatically when reverse gear is engaged or manually with one of the centre display's function buttons.

Recommended parking camera maintenance

Обновления 7/9/2020

The parking cameras positioned beside the rear number plate holder, in the grille and in both door mirrors need a certain amount of maintenance.

Symbols and messages for Park assist camera

Обновления 7/9/2020

Symbols and messages for Park assist camera can be shown in the driver display and/or the centre display.

Park assist lines for parking camera

Обновления 7/9/2020

The Park assist cameras indicate the position of the car in relation to its surroundings by displaying lines on the screen.

Sensor fields from Park Assist Pilot for parking camera

Обновления 7/23/2018

If the car is equipped with Parking assistance then the distance is shown in the 360° view with coloured fields for each sensor that registers an obstacle.

Limitations for park assist camera

Обновления 7/23/2018

The park assist camera cannot detect everything in all situations and may therefore have limited functionality.

Park assist camera*

Обновления 7/23/2018

The park assist camera can assist the driver when manoeuvring in tight spaces by indicating obstacles with a camera image and graphics in the centre display.

Parking cameras' camera views

Обновления 7/23/2018

The function can display a composite 360° view and separate views for each of the four cameras: rear, front, left or right camera view.