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Public charging in the Volvo Cars app

Updated 6/27/2022

Public charging in the Volvo Cars app

With electric vehicles XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge users can configure an account in the Volvo Cars app for public chargingThe functionality may vary depending on market.. It is easy to charge and pay at many public charging stations via your account. Via the app you can find charging stations, information about prices and available chargers, as well as see charging history and receipts.

To offer this experience, we work with Plugsurfing and provide users with access to a large charging network with over 270 000 charging stations in Europe. In addition, users get access to exclusive discounts at our partners' charging stations.  

Activating public charging in the Volvo Cars appRequires app software version 5.13.0 or later

  1. Tap on the lightning icon on the Volvo Cars app's homescreen to access the charging screen.
  2. Start registration for public charging
  3. Enter an e-mail address and accept Plugsurfing's Terms and Conditions
  4. Add a payment method
  5. Connect your charging card

Once you have completed the account registration, the map of charging stations is always available via the charging screen.

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