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Exterior styling

To give your car an even more personal and unique profile, Volvo has developed these Exterior Styling accessories that reinforce the dynamic elegance of your car.

Illuminated instep plates, front

Enter your Volvo in style. Open the front door, and the Volvo logo embedded in the brushed stainless steel footstep lights up to provide a fittingly sophisticated welcome.

Boot lid spoiler

This colour-coordinated rear spoiler not only enhances your car’s sporty looks. It also increases down force at higher speeds, further contributing to your S60’s superb handling characteristics.

Fortuna 8×18" rims

Add a bit of stealth with a simple, classic shaped rim in glossy black.

Styling kit

To make your car even more personal, Volvo has developed a styling kit that enhances the visual look of the car. This styling kit makes your car even more dynamic and exclusive. Exterior Styling Kit contains the following products:

Decor spoiler, front bumper

Gives the front of the car a more dynamic and exclusive appearance. Available in three matt painted versions which match the other accessories in "Exterior Styling", or as primed for later painting.

Side scuff plate

Side scuff plate is a product that, with its stylish and exclusive appearance finish joins the cars sides with the other "Exterior Styling" accessories. Available in three matt painted versions that allow you to further personalise the car.


A diffuser for combination with integrated end pipes. Together they give the rear of the car a more elegant and sporty appearance. The diffuser is offered in three matt-painted versions that give you the option of further personalising your car.

Tech & Sound

Navigate with style and ease, turn your Volvo in to a mobile entertainment centre, or use the parking assistance. With our Tech & Sound accessories you can get the full experience of sound and vision, safety and fun.

Rear seat entertainment

Rear seat passengers will enjoy their journey as never before with our new generation entertainment system, with LCD screens served by dedicated DVD players. Wireless headphones and one remote control are included, too.

Park assist camera front blind view

There is nothing more challenging than trying to negotiate tight exits and junctions, which often have restricted visibility. We aim to make that easier for you with our Park Assist Camera, front blind view, which allows you to ‘see around corners’ with a 180° field of vision to the left and right in front of you.

Park assist camera, rear

Reversing into a tight parking space can be a stressful experience – wouldn’t it be good to have “eyes in the back of your head”? Your Volvo can provide that kind of supernatural ability with a camera mounted in the bootlid, which dramatically increases your field of vision behind the car.

Sensus Navigation

Find your ways and connect with our cloudbased apps that will guide you to the closest points of interest or a free parking space. Select your destination with voice control or in advance by using your mobile phone. Map updates are included.

Pack and Load

Practical or elegant, why compromise? With these pack and load accessories you get the best of both and make your everyday life a little bit easier. To obtain your Volvo’s good looks some of them can even be colour-coordinated to fit your cars colour perfectly.

Detachable towbar

This durable and versatile tow bar has been specially designed for use with your Volvo. It’s easy to mount whenever you need it and when not in use it can be removed quickly and simply. And to maintain your Volvo’s good looks, there is a colour-coordinated cover for the towbar opening.

Roof load carriers

These specially designed load carriers fit neatly and securely into your Volvo’s prepared mounts. They are easy to install and to combine with additional holders if required. And even though the focus here is on function, the load carriers are designed to blend harmoniously with your Volvo’s styling.

Luggage compartment mat, plastic

Specially designed for your S60, this stylish plastic mat features a high-friction coating to stop your load sliding around. It also prevents dirt and water from entering the luggage compartment itself.

Tunnel mat, rubber floor mats

This mat made of natural rubber protects your Volvo’s original carpet from dirt and wear and tear. The mat follows the shape of the tunnel and is constructed of sturdy rubber with a subtle pattern on the upper side. Made of sturdy natural rubber and sealing tightly against the floor, this fully covering floor mat has raised edges all around and gives effective protection against wet and dirt. The driver’s mat has a comfortable textile foot plate that protects the shoes from wear.

Polestar Performance Parts

Discover the new range of Polestar Performance Parts. Designed to deliver enhanced driving performance all year round, anywhere you go.

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Unique to the S60 and V60 is the strut bar. It is available as part of the Chassis Package, along with uprated shock absorbers and springs. The strut bar is designed to aid steering precision and prolong tyre life.


19" alloy rims with high performance tyres. The lightweight rims help with steering precision. They are fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres, which were exhaustively tested in order to find the optimal level of grip.

Intake and Exhaust

The Polestar sports air filter enhances airflow to the engine, thus increasing performance without affecting durability. The rear diffuser is designed to channel the air more effectively under the car, contributing to greater downforce. It is also a perfect fit for the Polestar exhaust.

Complete package

If you want the full range of Polestar parts, everything from Polestar-developed shock absorbers, coil springs, and our 19" Polestar lightweight alloy rims with high-performance tyres, you will also get the additional Polestar features such as for example the door decor, door sills, sport pedals, gear knob etc.


Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your passengers. And as you’d expect from us, our child seats are among the safest you’ll find.

Infant seat (up to 13kg)

Infants up to one year of age travel safely in this rear-facing seat. Side wings help protect in a side impact, and you can easily adjust the padded headrest and five-point harness. There’s a canopy to block the sun, too. This infant seat is also easy to carry and can be used as a carrycot.

Convertible child seat (9-25 kg)

This advanced, flexible rearward-facing child seat is suitable for children aged 9 months to six years. It’s fitted using the car’s safety belt and is easily adjusted to help optimise comfort and safety.

Booster seat (15-36 kg)

Volvo’s booster seat helps position a child at the correct height for the safety belt and is designed to optimise side impact protection. The headrest and width adjust easily to enhance comfort, and the backrest can be reclined when your child wants to rest.

More driving pleasure anyone?

Boost your driving experience with a Polestar performance optimisation. This Volvo-approved upgrade adds more power and torque and is sure to put a smile on your face when going from A to B.

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Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety. We call our thinking in these areas: Drive-E, Sensus, and IntelliSafe.