Volvo Cars engineers Andreas Lindberg and Fredrik Lundholm explain how City Safety and Pilot Assist technologies have the ability to make your life easier and protect you

Words: Leo Wilkinson

“We’ve also added steering support to BLIS, our Blind Spot Information technology for this car,” Andreas says. Blind Spot Information gives you a visual warning in the door mirror if a vehicle is approaching from behind in the next lane. If you indicate to turn into a lane where a car is approaching, the warning light starts to flash.

If you don’t act on the warnings and the car starts to drift into an occupied lane, the new steer assist function gently steers you back into your lane to help avoid a collision.

Pilot Assist technology in the new Volvo XC60 makes driving in heavy traffic less tiring. It helps you keep a set distance to the vehicle in front and uses small steering inputs to help you keep the car in the centre of the lane.

“These things don’t take much effort individually, but they’re tiring in the long run because they occupy your subconscious thinking,” says Fredrik Lundholm, Pilot Assist engineer at Volvo Cars.

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