Designed for your life.

Personalise your XC60 and express your unique style with our range of accessories.

Exterior styling

To give your car an even more personal and unique profile, Volvo has developed these Exterior Styling accessories that reinforce the dynamic elegance of your car.
Front bumper bar

This accessory emphasises the ruggedness of your Volvo, with a nod to the adventurous nature of the XC range. The bumper bar is available in two matte versions, which complement the other accessories in the Exterior Styling kit.

Rear skidplate

This accessory lends the tail of your XC60 a more robust look. Together with our dual integrated tailpipes, it gives the rear of your Volvo road presence with attitude.

Integrated running boards

These running boards feature colour-coordinated styling that neatly complements the refined design of the XC60. They look great and also provide practical support for entry and exit, and when you are loading the roof of your car.

Candor alloy 8x20" rims

Premium diamond-cut rims in iron store add a sporty edge to your XC60.

Tech & Sound

Navigate with style and ease, turn your Volvo in to a mobile entertainment centre or use the parking assistance. With our Tech & Sound accessories you can get the full experience of sound and vision, safety and fun.
Rear seat entertainment

Rear seat passengers will enjoy their journey as never before with our new generation entertainment system, with LCD screens served by dedicated DVD players. Wireless headphones and one remote control are included, too.

Park assist camera, front blind view

There is nothing more challenging than trying to negotiate tight exits and junctions, which often have restricted visibility. We aim to make that easier for you with our Park Assist Camera, front blind view, which allows you to ‘see around corners’ with a 180° field of vision to the left and right in front of you.

Park assist camera, rear

Reversing into a tight parking space can be a stressful experience – wouldn’t it be good to have “eyes in the back of your head”? Your Volvo can provide that kind of supernatural ability with a camera mounted in the tailgate, which dramatically increases your field of vision behind the car.

Sensus Navigation

Find your ways and connect with our cloudbased apps that will guide you to the closest points of interest or a free parking space. Select your destination with voice control or in advance by using your mobile phone. Map updates are included.

Pack and Load

Practical or elegant, why compromise? With these pack and load accessories you get the best of both and make your everyday life a little bit easier. To obtain your Volvo’s good looks some of them can even be colour-coordinated to fit your cars colour perfectly.
Detachable towbar

The durable and versatile tow bar has been specially designed for use with your Volvo. It’s easy to mount whenever you need it and when not in use it can be removed quickly and simply. And to maintain your Volvo’s good looks, there is a colour-coordinated cover for the towbar opening.

Roof load carriers

These specially designed load carriers fit neatly and securely onto your Volvo’s prepared roof rails. They’re easy to install and to combine with additional holders if required.

Reversible and foldable load compartment textile mat

This mat allows you to maintain the elegant appearance of the load compartment even if you occasionally transport grimy loads. With folded rear seat backrests, just fold out the mat to cover the entire load compartment floor. The mat is reversible and waterproof, with colour-matched fabric on one side and plastic on the other.

Safety grille

This gas-sprung steel grille helps protect you and your passengers from unsecured loads when braking sharply. When not required, the grille – which is colour-coordinated with your interior – folds conveniently up against the roof.

Polestar Performance Parts

Descubre la nueva gama de Polestar Performance Parts. Diseñadas para ofrecer un rendimiento de conducción mejorado durante todo el año, donde quiera que vaya.

Para el rango completo, visite

21" alloy rims with high performance tyres. The lightweight rims help with steering precision. They are fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres, which were exhaustively tested in order to find the optimal level of grip.

Intake and Exhaust

The rear diffuser is designed to channel the air more effectively under the car, contributing to greater downforce. It is also a perfect fit for the Polestar exhaust, that gives the car a more aggressive look, ensuring the larger tailpipes have plenty of room to be seen and heard.

Complete package

If you want the full range of Polestar parts, everything from Polestar-developed shock absorbers, coil springs, and our 21" Polestar lightweight alloy rims with high-performance tyres, you will also get the additional Polestar features such as for example the door panels, door sills, sport pedals, gear knob etc.


Shock absorbers and springs. The Chassis Package includes Polestar shock absorbers, which were developed for high performance without adversely affecting comfort. A set of shorter, stiffer coil springs also help to control body movement.

Seguridad infantil

Nuestras innovaciones en seguridad han ayudado a mantener a los niños seguros en automóviles durante más de cincuenta años. Hemos aprendido mucho en ese recorrido. Con la nueva generación de asientos infantiles Volvo, hemos tomado todo lo que hemos aprendido y hemos aplicado los beneficios.

Asiento de bebé

Diseñados para proporcionar comodidad y protección a los bebés de 0 a 1 año, nuestro asiento para bebés orientado hacia atrás presenta un asiento de forma profunda, lujosa tapicería de lana y paneles laterales altos. El mango de transporte grande se ajusta fácilmente con una mano y el reposacabezas se puede modificar convenientemente desde la parte delantera.

Asiento para niños, orientado hacia atrás

Con un mejor espacio para las piernas, opciones adicionales de reclinación y lujosa tapicería de lana, nuestro asiento para niños orientado hacia atrás proporciona una comodidad y seguridad óptimas para niños de 9 meses a 6 años. El diseño compacto y el bajo peso significan que también es fácil de instalar, ajustar y quitar.

Asiento para niños elevador

Nuestro asiento elevador para niños de entre 4 y 10 años para viajar orientado hacia adelante. Tiene un reposacabezas acolchado, los paneles laterales altos y la protección del hombro así asegurando un viaje seguro, mientras que la lujosa tapicería de lana garantiza una cómoda sensación.

Asiento para niños, cojín elevador con tapicería de lana

Diseñado para niños de 4 a 10 años, nuestro cojín elevador con respaldo asegura que el cinturón de seguridad siempre se ajuste correctamente para brindar a los niños el mismo nivel de seguridad mientras crecen, mientras que el lujoso tapizado de lana les garantiza comodidad. El respaldo se puede ajustar para la posición de reposo / dormir y presenta cinco configuraciones de altura diferentes.

Nuestras innovaciones

Todo lo que hacemos está diseñado en torno a las personas, por lo que cada innovación que hacemos está diseñada para simplificar y mejorar su vida. Estamos especialmente orgullosos de nuestros avances en energía eficiente, conectividad y seguridad. Llamamos a nuestro pensamiento en estas áreas: Drive-E, Sensus e IntelliSafe.