Volvo On Call

Keeping you connected to your car

Digital Services

Volvo In-car Delivery

Our In-car Delivery service means that you can have items bought online delivered directly to the boot of your car. Selected online stores offer In-car Delivery as an option at checkout. The delivery is made using a one-time digital key that is deleted directly after use. The service is available in selected cities at present and will be extended in the near future. It is safe, secure, and designed to make your life easier – both in and out of your Volvo.

Share your Volvo

Share your new Volvo with friends or family for free, using the Volvo On Call app. If they install Volvo On Call on their device (they don’t need to own a Volvo to do this) you can connect with them via the app and select a time period when you wish to make your car available to them. They can then use Volvo On Call to unlock and use the car and available connected services during the specified time. Car sharing is available in the XC40 in select countries at present.

How to get Volvo On Call

Add Volvo On Call subscription to your new Volvo and enable a wide range of useful functions and features you can control from your smartphone, wearable or iPad®.

If you own a Volvo model from year 2012 or later you may have the opportunity to add a Volvo On Call subscription. Please contact your dealer to get more information on availability, pricing and subscription alternatives.


Using the Volvo On Call app requires your car to be factory-equipped with Volvo On Call, model year 2012 and later. Depending on the model of your Volvo, there may be variations on the features available.


If you need help getting started with Volvo On Call, setting up your app account, or any other issue, you can visit our support section and find the answers you need.