Double fun

Double fun

The dream of more power, lower emissions and less fuel has one single answer. The Volvo V60 Twin Engine. Double the fun with two engines working in precise tune.

Your new Volvo. Made by Sweden

V60 - A new beginning.


Two engines, one key.

With Volvo V60 Twin Engine you get the best of both worlds - hi-tech electrical and state-of-the-art diesel power. Together the 220hp diesel engine and the 68hp electric motor will get you from 0-100km/h in just 6,0 sec. The 288hp joint output deliver another fantastic performance, the super low fuel consumption 1,8l/100 km and emissions between zero and 48g CO2/km.

Always a mode to suit

We don’t think that being environmentally aware should mean you lose the thrill of driving. The Volvo V60 Twin Engine has three drive modes on demand at the touch of a button: Pure for just electric and zero emission, Hybrid uses diesel and electric in an Eco setting and Power gives you instant all-wheel-drive and maximum torque. The choice is all yours.

Pure power

Like all Volvo Car innovations, the Twin Engine technology is designed to improve and simplify your life. Plug-in your V60 into your home electricity supply and you can be fully charged in 3,5 hours. The Twin Engine delivers 68hp electric and zero CO2 emissions up to 50 km in perfect silence with a maximum speed close to 100 km/h. Perfect for commuting or short trips across town.

D5 or D6

Our Volvo V60 D5 Twin Engine AWD and D6 Twin Engine AWD both have our innovative plug-in hybrid technology. In perfect tune you go from 0-100 km/h in 6,9 or 6,0 seconds respectively. Just put the mode in power and you get instant all-wheel-drive and 231hp respectively 288hp. Ask your Volvo dealer for a test drive of pure fun today.

Volvo On Call

Having your Volvo in your smartphone can be very convenient. With the Volvo On Call app you can stay updated on the status of your car, lock or unlock it remotely or spot its recent location. You can even pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin before you go.

Build your own Volvo

Which Volvo are you? Please visit our car configurator and create your next Volvo.