Stand out in the crowd

Make an impression with the sporty and dynamic R-Design version of the all-new XC90 and express your passion for driving

what makes it different

Unmatched distinctive detailing 

Features like the unique R-Design glossy black grille, LED lights and the dual chrome tailpipes, the three spoke steering wheel, Nubuck covered sculpted front seats and illuminated soft touch gearshift come together to create an XC90 like no other.

Exterior details

Stylish and dynamic on display

The exterior of the XC90 R-Design comes with some truly gripping features, such as the front spoiler, silk metal window trim, bright roof rails and mirror covers in matte silver.

Why r-design?

For the sport of it

The XC90 R-Design was developed for people that love active, responsive driving, increased performance, and a personal, expressive look.