Risk management

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Enterprise Risk Management
All business activities require decisions. Every decision creates opportunities and risks. Opportunities can create value to our company and risks handled well can minimize the potential negative impact of the business.

Risks are a natural element in all business activities. In order to achieve Volvo Cars’ short and long term objectives, according to our business plan, enterprise risk management is part of the daily activities at Volvo Cars.

Volvo Cars’ ambitious growth plan, our unprecedented product renewal plan in the years to come, our ongoing market restructuring, the expansion of our production foot print, an ever changing global market and the transformation of the whole auto industry generate a lot of opportunities and risks. During 2015 continuous risk identification as well as risk mitigation activities have taken place and the process for risk management has evolved. The aim with these risk activities is to reach our objectives by spending our resources as efficiently as possible and to be well prepared in the event a risk, that could not be mitigated, would materialize. For a more in-depth analysis of the risks, see the Volvo Car Group Annual Report.’