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At Volvo, we're proud to stand out. With modern Swedish style and innovation, and our famous commitment to safety. 


Safety is our guiding principle

Of course, that means safer employees, but it also means lower insurance premiums, and reduced repair costs.

For example, our City Safety system brakes automatically if your Volvo detects an imminent collision with a pedestrian, cyclist, or vehicle. And it comes standard in all our cars. 

Flexibility for any business

From cost-efficient cars with premium-quality equipment, to high-performance hybrids, and innovative, wifi-connected luxury vehicles, Volvo has the fleet you need for your business. With emissions as low as 49 g/km and a fuel economy of 1.9 1/100km.

Model lineup


Better for work, also for play

Our in-car Sensus technology includes wifi connectivity, voice-activated navigation with route sharing functionality, a premium sound system, customizable apps, and built-in local search—keeping your employees close to the office, or anything else they might need, anywhere in the world.


Consume less, do more

Our efficient, clean, low-emissions engine range helps you keep the total cost of ownership low, without sacrificing performance.

Our D4 four-cylinder engines perform as if they had six or eight, offering up to 190 horsepower, emitting from only 85g/km which should be a big step in reaching your reduced carbon emissions goals. 


Smarter engines for smarter businesses

With our V60 Plug-In Hybrid and XC90 T8, your employees get maximum sustainability, without sacrificing power—with three different modes to help drivers meet their specific driving needs, balancing efficiency with horsepower. Helping you, as a business, minimise costs, meet emissions targets, reduce taxes, and lower the total cost of ownership. 


Get to know our cars

While, of course, every Volvo comes with our unique Swedish details and robust safety features, each one has a unique personality, suitable for different kinds of businesses and different kinds of drivers.

Explore our line up, and get in touch with us to get more help and information on choosing the best cars for your company. 

Fleet Model Lineup