How it works

Autonomous cars at work

The technology behind Volvo’s future self-driving cars is bringing about a new era of road travel. Think about safer, less congested roads - and an effortless and more convenient commute for you. Your Volvo will know exactly where it is and what’s ahead, allowing you to hand over control of the driving.

the volvo way

Our priority is your safety

Protecting people and making lives easier has and always will be part of the DNA of Volvo Cars. Over the years, we have persistently developed car safety features that save lives. Our research about autonomous driving is no exception. We are collecting data and input from real people driving autonomous cars on real roads to develop better, safer cars.

A safer, more enjoyable journey

We're developing autonomous technology that allows our cars to do some of the driving – and thinking – for you. We're doing this to make every journey as safe, enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our 2020 vision fits with a safer, more sustainable mobility

At Volvo Cars, we don’t accept that globally 1.3 million people should die every year in road traffic accidents. Vision 2020 is our way of creating more sustainable personal transport. It’s a key element in our sustainability framework, which outlines how our company protects people and the world around us, both now and in the future.
Autonomous cars will eradicate human errors, making driving safer for everyone. Self-driving cars will obey traffic laws and there will be no possibility for irrational, emotional behaviour behind the wheel. The potential to avoid crashes and save lives is enormous.

A glimpse into the future of driving

At Volvo, we believe autonomous driving will allow drivers to choose how every moment in the car is spent. This is what Volvo Cars’ Concept 26 is about.
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