Autonomous technology – the Volvo Cars strategy

Our autonomous driving strategy is built on our unique principles.

Autonomous for the people

We are developing autonomous driving (AD) because it benefits all humankind, from our customers to everyone who lives on the planet. The many advantages of AD – from elimination of traffic jams to cleaner city centres – will make life better for everybody. The technology is a means to an end, not the end itself.

Coming to you soon

Autonomous technology will move beyond the realm of the concept car when the Drive Me trial starts in 2017. What we learn from it will make Volvo Cars uniquely placed to create vehicles that allow people to enjoy the full benefits of autonomous driving.

The return of freedom

By developing cars that allow you to take back control of your time we will create the desirable new cars of the future. We started building cars to give people the freedom to travel. Our autonomous technology will give them back the freedom of time.

A safer future

Volvo Cars’ leadership in safety is the result of continuous innovation, borne from our commitment to making the roads safer for everyone. Autonomous technology is the next big step forwards. It will reinforce our position and help us realize our long-term vision to design cars that will not crash.

A team effort

Involving society and other organizations with the development of AD will make it possible to get it right from the start. We are working with other parties such as the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish road authorities on the Drive Me project, to discover the impact of AD and what needs to be done to make it work in the real world.