The tech behind a new era of travel

Superior vision

To enable the car to spot any danger ahead of you, four cameras detect objects at close range and monitor lane markings. The cameras are smart too – they can handle very quick changes in lighting conditions, like when entering a tunnel, for example.

Radar that reads the road

The car has a detailed, 360-degree view of its surroundings thanks to four radar transmitters. A pair of rear-facing transmitters help lane changing by detecting approaching vehicles.

Sensors that keep you safe

At low speeds, 12 ultrasonic sensors on the car’s exterior take care of detecting objects. They are capable of spotting hazards in the road, whether it be pedestrians or debris.

Laser-guided precision

A unique multiple-beam laser scanner at the front of the car gives it exceptional vision. With a 150-metre range, this laser scanner can distinguish between objects and gives you plenty of warning of any potential hazards.

Your route mapped out

An immensely detailed 3D digital map and a high-performance global positioning system (GPS) work together so the car lets you knows exactly where you are and what is around you. This technology lets the car know about speed limits and temporary road signs and always selects the quickest, most efficient route.

Always one step ahead

If the unexpected happens, IntelliSafe Autopilot technology is one step ahead. A trifocal camera at the top of the windscreen covers a wide area and variety of distances, allowing the car to identify pedestrians or other road users that appear suddenly.

Your car and the cloud, connected

Our self-driving cars will be connected to the cloud so you always receive the most up-to-date information. Real-time data means that the car knows the latest traffic situation and will request that the driver takes back control if necessary.