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We aim at making car ownership a personalised experience for all our customers. Which is why, we provide tailored finance and insurance packages while ensuring an exceptional level of customer experience.


We offer finance options to suit your requirements through our partnership with Al-Futtaim Financial Services and leading banks in the UAE. Our established relationships enable us to provide flexible finance options that can be tailored to meet your needs. We have both Islamic and conventional finance options across our range of luxury sedans and SUVs.

Selection Program

A finance option with a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV), where we guarantee to buy back your car at the end of the term at an agreed price. The Selection Program eliminates the risk associated with the sale of the car at the end of the term. It provides you with the flexibility of choosing from three options as listed below:


You can drive a brand-new Volvo every few years. We will pay the minimum guaranteed value and settle your existing loan. You can use the excess value (above the Guaranteed Future Value or the Optional Final Payment) as a deposit on your new Volvo.


If you decide to keep the car, you can either pay the final payment or arrange for refinancing the final payment from the bank.


If you decide to return the car, you can simply hand it over subject to meeting the fair wear and tear conditions and the agreed mileage.

Hire Purchase Program

A conventional finance option where you can purchase your favourite model from our range of luxury sedans and SUVs on loan and repay the total price with applicable interest and fees by equated monthly instalments. The benefits of this program include car ownership, variable repayment tenure up to 60 months and availability of both conventional and Islamic variants.

Leasing Program

Experience the pleasures of driving a brand-new Volvo every two years with just one simple hassle-free monthly payment through our Freedom Drive - a leasing program by Volvo for you.

Benefits include:
- No insurance or processing fee
- Free service, maintenance, warranty and roadside assistance
- Low monthly installments
- Post lease purchase offer
- Free car climate service

Lease FAQ
During my Lease Contract
At the end of my Lease Contract 


The full range of insurance options offered by Orient guarantees complete peace of mind. An Al-Futtaim Motors Group company, Orient is a leading insurance provider for holders of a valid UAE driving license. With extras such as off-road cover and third-party property damage cover, there are insurance options to suit your every need.

Motor Insurance

A regular insurance coverage for the purchased car and passengers, extending the best possible cover and features.

Besides, Orient also offers ‘Motor Plus’ which provides several additional benefits:

- Repairs at dealer/agency workshop for the first 3 years of the car
- Protection against flood, storm, hurricane and earthquake or other acts of nature
- Protection against riots and strikes
- Protection for clothing and personal effect against fire and theft up to AED 1,000
- Emergency medical expenses due to an accident up to AED 500 per person
- No excess payable on windscreen claims
- Roadside assistance organisation
- Off-Road cover for 4WDs
- Geographical Extension to Sultanate of Oman
- Legal Liability to immediate family members
- Third-Party Property Damage up to AED 2,000,000


A range of value-added products is designed around you to give you peace of mind and to protect you against the unexpected interior and exterior expenses. You can experience maximum coverage without having to worry about the cost.

Car Replacement Protection

VRP is an additional protection that complements your Motor insurance policy. VRP Insurance is designed for you to pay the difference between the amount paid under your Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy in the event of a total loss, and the cost of a new replacement car.

Benefits include:

- Peace of mind at an affordable price
- Provides total protection for your car, over and above your motor insurance policy
- Protects your financial position, mitigating unexpected costs
- Available in both conventional and Islamic variants
- VRP can be added to your bank finance and paid along with the monthly instalment of your car

Smart, Tyres and Alloys “STA Protection”

STA protection is designed to take care of your car for Smart repairs, Tyres and Alloys.

“Smart” covers the cost of repairs for minor dents, light scratches chips and scuffed bumpers.

“Tyres” cover the cost of repair or replacement of the tyre(s) fitted to the car.

“Alloys” cover the cost of repair of minor dents, scratches or scuffs of alloy wheel(s) fitted to your car.

Benefits include:

- Complete peace of mind when combined with Guaranteed Future Value or Leasing programs
- Maintains car in showroom condition
- No need to use your Motor Insurance policy or pay the applicable excess
- Improve the car’s resale value at the time of trade-in
- Repair or Replace up to 3 tyres, in addition to up to 11 Smart or Alloys repair

Paint Protection

Paint protection provides both interior and exterior protection for your car. When applied, it creates a hard, high gloss, protective coating to your car. This coating protects the paint against caustic atmospheric pollutants. It also protects the interior of your car by coating the fibres of the seats and carpets with invisible protective resin that helps preserve the fabric against dirt and spillages.

Benefits include:

- 5 Year Guarantee
- No need to polish your car ever again
- Protects exterior against UV, Acid Rain, Oil, Exhaust Fumes and other contaminants
- Protects against Bird Droppings and Tree sap
- Stain protection from spillage on fabric
- Improves resale value

Carbon Class Ceramic Protection

Carbon Class Ceramic is exterior protection applied to your car’s paintwork leaving a hard, high gloss protective shield which prevents caustic atmospheric pollutants from coming in contact with your car’s paintwork.

Benefits include:

- 7 year guarantee
- Highly water and soil repellent
- Reduces friction which aids cleaning and improves the flow of air and fluid over the treated surface
- Permanent showroom shine and reduces the need for washing the car by approx. 50%
- Smoother finish with resistance to acid rain and industrial fallout
- Contains specialist UV absorbers which absorb UV rays and release them as harmless infra-red, preventing UV damage to the treated surface.

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