Handling the spare wheel

Follow these instructions for handling the spare wheel.
P5-1817-S60-Spare wheel

The spare wheel is located in the spare wheel well with the outside down. The foam block contains all the tools for changing a wheel.

Fold up the cargo area floor, from the rear and forwards.
Undo the retaining screw.
Lift out the spare wheel.

Storing the punctured tyre

Place the punctured tyre back in the space for the spare wheel.
Screw back the mounting screw that held the spare wheel in place.


If the lower attachment of the mounting screw loosens from the body underneath the spare wheel, refit it in the hole and turn clockwise to reattach it.
Put the tools back in their right place in the foam block.
Then fold down the cargo area floor and place the punctured tyre in the cargo area.

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