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Pilot Assist

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Automatic braking with driver support

Pilot Assist and adaptive cruise control* (ACC* ) have a special brake function in slow traffic and while stationary.

Set the stored speed for driver support

It is possible to set stored speed for the Speed Limiter, Cruise Control, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)** functions.

Change of target with driver support

The driver supports of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)** , in combination with automatic transmission, have a change of target function at certain speeds.


Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist helps the driver to drive the car between the lane's side markings using steering assistance as well as to maintain an even speed, combined with a preselected time interval to the vehicle ahead.

Activating and starting Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist must first be activated and then started to be able to control speed and distance and to give steering assistance.

Deactivating/activating Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist can be temporarily deactivated so that it is set in the standby mode and can be reactivated later.

Controls and display view for Pilot Assist

A summary of how Pilot Assist is controlled using the left-hand keypad on the steering wheel and how the function is shown in the display.

Symbols and messages for Pilot Assist*

A number of symbols and messages regarding Pilot Assist can be shown via the driver display and/or the head-up display*.

Limitations of Pilot Assist

The Pilot Assist function may have limitations in certain situations.


Set time interval for driver support

It is possible to set the time interval to the vehicle ahead to be maintained by the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)** functions.

Warning from driver support in the event of a collision risk

The driver support systems Pilot Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)** can warn the driver if the distance to the vehicle ahead suddenly becomes too short.