Temporarily deactivating double locks*

Updated 7/9/2020

Temporarily deactivating double locks*

If someone is going to stay in the car but the doors must be locked from the outside, then the double lock function should be deactivated, to allow unlocking from the inside.

P5-1646-x90-function button reduced guard

Press the Reduced Guard button in the centre display's function view in order to deactivate the double lock function temporarily.

This also means that the alarm's movement and tilt detectors* are switched off.

After this, Reduced Guard is shown in the centre display and double locks are temporarily deactivated in the subsequent locking of the car.

In conventional locking, the electrical sockets are deactivated immediately, but when double locks are temporarily deactivated, they will be active for a maximum of 10 minutes after locking.

If the car is unlocked and then locked again, the double lock function must be deactivated again.

The system is reset the next time the engine is started.

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