Searching for radio stations

Updated 7/9/2020

Searching for radio stations

The radio automatically compiles a station list of the radio stations within the area that are transmitting the strongest signals.

P5-1717-Radio library search

The parameters you can search on depend on the frequency band selected:

  • FM — station, genre and frequency.
  • DAB* - ensembles and stations.

Press Library.

Press .

Search view with keyboard is opened.

Enter the search terms.

Searching takes place with each input of a character and the search results are shown by category.

Manual tuning

P5-1717-Radio manual tuning

On changing over to manual tuning, the radio no longer changes frequency automatically when reception is poor.

Press Manual tuning, pull the control or press or . With a long press, the search jumps to the next available station in the frequency band. It is also possible to use the right keypad on the steering wheel.

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