Bulb replacement

Exterior lamp positions

Updated 11/9/2020

Exterior lamp positions

The exterior lighting of the car uses a number of different lamps. An LEDLED (Light Emmitting Diode) type lamp must be replaced by a workshop. An authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Lamps, front (car with halogen headlamps)

P5-1617-S90/V90 Front lamp positioning halogen ECE
Dipped beam
Main beam
Daytime running lights/position lamps
Front fog lamps/cornering lights* (LED)

Lamps, rear

P5-2017-V90 Rear lamp positioning
Position lamps (LED)
Reversing lamps (LED)
Position lamps (LED)
Fog lamp (LED)
Direction indicator (LED)
Brake light (LED)
Brake light - central, high-level (LED)

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