Storage and passenger compartment

Tunnel console

Updated 7/10/2020

Tunnel console

The tunnel console is located between the front seats.

P6-1946-XC40-Tunnle console
Storage compartment with cup holder.
Storage compartment under the armrest.
Climate controls for the rear seat climate functions* or storage compartment. There is also a USB port underneath*.


Keep loose objects such as mobile phones, cameras, remote controls for accessories, etc. in the glove compartment or other compartments. Otherwise they may injure people in the car in the event of sudden braking or a collision.


Keep in mind that high gloss surfaces, for example, are easily scratched by metal objects. Do not place keys, phones and other items on sensitive surfaces.


One of the detectors for the alarm* is located under the tunnel console's cup holder. Avoid leaving coins, keys and other metal objects in the cup holder, since this may trigger the alarm.


The USB sockets can be used for charging a mobile phone or tablet, for example. Only the front USB input can be used to play media in the car's audio system.

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