Itinerary and route

Information cards on the map

Updated 1/14/2020

Every icon on the map for e.g. destinations, intermediate destinations or favourites has an information card which is opened by tapping on the icon.

Via the icon's Info card the driver can see current information for the icon in question.

The information card's information and possible options vary depending on the type of icon it is.

P5-1507-NAVI-Informationskort på kartan

Example of an information card for a point of interest (Point of Interest - POI).

In this example with a selected point of interest (Point of Interest - POI) the driver can, amongst other things, choose:

  • Start navigation - the position is saved as a destination
  • Add as waypoint - the position is saved as an intermediate destination
  • Save - the position is saved to the Library, for further information see the section "Specify destination with Latest/Favourites/Library".

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