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Updating map data via Remote updating

Updated 1/14/2020

Before doing a remote update via a mobile telephone connection, certain details must be attended to.


The principle of remote updating.

The principle of remote updating.


The car is connected to the internet either via Bluetooth, using Wi-Fi or a cable connected to the USB socket, or via the car's integral modem. The connection status is shown with a symbol in the status field of the centre display.

See the information/description in the "Connecting the car" and "Connected car" sections.

Download of map data from the Internet

Downloads are handled via Remote update service in the centre display's application view.

Open the Remote update service app from the app view.

A download application is started and an icon in the Maps button shows how many updates are available.

Press the Maps button to show a list of available updates.

Mark the applicable region - press the DOWN arrow for information on the current version of map data or press Install(Install) to see if there is a newer version.

For further information - see Volvo Cars support page ( or contact a Volvo dealer.

Home region

The driver can choose to show a home region, and to have it updated automatically. Proceed as follows:

Highlight the region in question - press the DOWN arrow to expand the region.

Press the Set as home region button.

If automatic updates are required, press the Auto update: button.

Automatic updates can only be selected if the "Background search for software updates" function is activated, see the section "System updates".

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