Experience the future with Volvo Cars

We have partnered with Microsoft to explore the possibilities of Microsoft HoloLens – a powerful, wearable holographic computer that could offer an exciting new way of experiencing our cars and our brand. HoloLens, like all our Pilot Projects, puts you at the centre of innovation. We believe it has the potential to transform the way you can explore and buy cars in the future.

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First-class travel for your child

We're investigating a new way of making life easier and more comfortable for parents and child with our Excellence child seat concept. Created exclusively for our most luxurious model ever, the XC90 Excellence, this prototype seat is rear-facing for optimum protection and provides unrivalled safety, access and versatility. Volvo Cars has been a leader in child seat technology for over 50 years and this is another big step forward.

The way we read your mind

Our vision is to design cars that do not crash. We're learning more about how a driver’s mind and body works to help us predict behavior, avoid collisions and make every journey safer. We call this Vehicle Driver Monitoring.

Volvo child safety, wherever you go

We are always exploring ways to make family travel easier and our latest innovation is the inflatable child seat concept. Safe and light, this clever prototype folds into a compact package that you can carry wherever you go.