Knowledge is the key

Cruising towards zero

Thomas Broberg, Senior Manager, Safety Strategy & Requirements at Volvo Cars, explains how we are working towards Vision 2020.

The circle of life

We use data from real-world collisions and rigorous research and testing to make our cars ever safer. Each new car is built using the knowledge gained from its predecessors – we call this process of continuous refinement and improvement the Circle of Life.

Cecilia Larsson - Senior Director of Volvo Cars Safety Centre

What’s unique is our focus on real life

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Local cooperation for a global vision

Building the safest cars in the world is not enough to realise Vision 2020 – we collaborate to help plan the safe roads and traffic infrastructure that will also save lives. By working with the Swedish Transport Administration in our home country we have created a model for global cooperation between car manufacturers and the transport authorities.

Jan Ivarsson - Deputy Director, Senior Technical Advisor, Safety

Vision 2020 is a way of thinking and working. It’s like a religion for the company

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Opening the doors to the Volvo Cars Safety Centre

Every new Volvo gives you an incredible standard of protection, thanks to the pioneering work of our Safety Centre. We conduct more than 300 crash tests here each year and thousands more using computer simulation.