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Global Terms and conditions for Recharge Refund

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Recharge Refund Terms

Volvo Car Corporation, a Swedish company with registration number 556074-3089 located at 405 31 Gothenburg, Sweden, together with its affiliates and participating network ("Volvo Cars" or "we," "us," or "our") would like to refund electricity costs in connection with the use of your Eligible PHEV Vehicle ("Recharge Refund").

The Recharge Refund is available in the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia), Canada, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

How to participate

To participate in the Recharge Refund:

  • accept these Recharge Refund Terms ("Terms") and the Volvo Cars Terms and Conditions of Services through the Volvo Cars App.
  • download the Volvo Cars App (App Store / Play Store), accept the Volvo Cars Privacy Notice (, have a Volvo ID, an active Volvo On Call subscription linked to your Eligible PHEV Vehicle, and activate the Driver Journal function in the Volvo Cars App by December 31, 2020.
  • be the owner or Primary Driver of the Eligible PHEV Vehicle.
  • for individuals, be at least 18 years old.
  • be a resident in the market where the Eligible PHEV Vehicle is registered.
  • own or use the Eligible PHEV Vehicle for the full Offer Period (i.e., 12 continuous months from the date of activation of the Volvo Cars App).
  • the Eligible PHEV Vehicle may not be sold or transferred during the Offer Period.

The Recharge Refund is not available for rentals, fleet customers, or fleet vehicles, or for Volvo Cars and Volvo Cars affiliate employees or contractors or their families.

The Recharge Refund will be limited to a maximum of 3,000 kWh used in the Eligible PHEV Vehicle during the Offer Period. Consumption above this limit will be disregarded for the purposes of this Recharge Refund.

In the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or Brazil, you may be required to engage with a separate Volvo Cars entity or network entity to comply with local law. Volvo Cars reserves the rights to make changes to the Recharge Refund terms or the payment method as may be required to comply with local law.

How will Recharge Refund work?

Definitions used in these Recharge Refund Terms:

  • "Consumer Electricity Price" means the average consumer electricity price per kWh, as determined by Volvo Cars, and that is a fixed amount for the Offer Period.
    • In the United States the Consumer Electricity Price shall mean 0.13 USD/kWh.
    • In Canada the Consumer Electricity Price shall mean 0.13 CAD/kWh.
    • In Brazil the Consumer Electricity Price shall mean 0.72 R$/kWh.
    • In Puerto Rico the Consumer Electricity Price shall mean 0.23 USD/kWh.
  • "Electricity Savings Amount" means an amount calculated by multiplying the kilowatt hours used in the Eligible PHEV Vehicle, up to a maximum of 3,000 kWh, as recorded in the activated "driver journal" during the Offer Period by the Consumer Electricity Price. The payment of the Electricity Savings Amount will be made upon request by the Primary Driver after the completion of the Offer Period, in one installment only, within the period provided for in these Terms.
  • "Eligible PHEV Vehicle" means any Volvo Cars Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle either (i) ordered from October 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020, or a later date if extended by Volvo Cars or (ii) in respect of Care by Volvo, subscribed to and in the possession of the Primary Driver with the Volvo Cars App activated by December 31, 2020.
  • The "Offer Period" means, once the Volvo Cars App is updated to incorporate electricity usage and monitoring, the consecutive 12 months from the first date that the Driver Journal function in the Volvo Cars App is activated for the Eligible PHEV Vehicle, which can be no later than December 31, 2020.
  • "Primary Driver" means the person who has the right to dispose of the Eligible PHEV Vehicle, uses it in a permanent manner as a means of transportation, and/or is registered as the keeper of the Eligible PHEV Vehicle with a national authority (if any).

You can use your Volvo Cars App to see the amount of electricity used by your Eligible PHEV Vehicle and an estimate of the Electricity Savings Amount. The actual and final amount of the Electricity Savings Amount will be determined by Volvo Cars.

By using the connectivity services of your Eligible PHEV Vehicle, Volvo Cards can record the electricity usage and report this data back to you through the Volvo Cars App. The data recorded in the driver journal is only an indication of the actual electricity consumed and not a perfect reading, and this service is provided on an "as is" basis, with no form of guarantee or warranty that it will be available on an uninterrupted, secure, or trouble-free basis, or regarding the quality, accuracy, timeliness, truthfulness, completeness, or reliability of any of the data. In order to help minimize possible failures, a backup Driver Journal will be maintained by Volvo Cars in order to cover accidental deletion of data by the Primary Driver or any issue involving the Volvo Cars App.

You must ask to receive your Electricity Savings Amount within thirty (30) days of completion of the Offer Period, through the Volvo Cars App. If you do not request to receive the Electricity Savings Amount in that term, you will not be entitled to the Electricity Savings Amount.

Volvo Cars requires minimally eight (8) weeks after receipt of your request to receive your Electricity Savings Amount to process payment to you.

Volvo Cars will provide your Electricity Savings Amount to you by either (i) providing a transfer into the bank account you provide to us at the end of the Offer Period; or (ii) by check sent to the address you provide. You will be able to elect how you receive your Electricity Savings Amount at the end of the Offer Period. The payment of the Electricity Savings Amount may be subject to third-party specific terms.

Any electricity consumed while the Driver Journal is disabled by you for any period(s) during the Offer Period will be excluded from the Electricity Savings Amount.

No pro-rata Electricity Savings Amount will be paid. If you sell, terminate your lease, or end your subscription on the Eligible PHEV Vehicle prior to your completion of the Offer Period, you will not qualify for the Recharge Refund.

The Electricity Savings Amount is non-transferable and not available in the event the vehicle is sold to a third party or second owner within the Offer Period. In this scenario, no partial Electricity Savings Amount will be paid by Volvo Cars with respect to the period in which the Eligible PHEV Vehicle was in the ownership and use of the Primary Driver.

If more than one Volvo ID is connected to the Eligible PHEV Vehicle, the Offer Amount will only be paid to the Primary Driver.

Disclaimer and liability

Volvo Cars makes commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the Electricity Savings Amount is available for all eligible users. Volvo Cars cannot be held liable for any losses or damages incurred by any Primary Driver or by third parties in connection with the use or participation in the Recharge Refund.

Terms and conditions

Warranty. By no means shall the Recharge Refund limit, expand, or alter the Eligible PHEV Vehicle's warranty.

Governing law. This offer will be governed and be interpreted in accordance with the applicable provisions of any and all laws, judgments, directives, and approvals of or from any governmental entity, as they may be in effect from time to time in the country and/or state where the Eligible PHEV Vehicle is registered.

Waiver of Jury Trial. Where applicable, each of the parties hereto hereby irrevocably waives any and all right to trial by jury in any legal proceeding arising out of or related to this Recharge Refund or the transactions contemplated hereby.

Severability. In case any provision in this Recharge Refund is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby, and such provision shall be ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability.


Your and all other customers' privacy is a matter of uttermost importance to us. Your participation in the Recharge Refund is subject to the Volvo Car Group Customer Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding Recharge Refund, please contact us at:

U.S. – 1-800-550-5658

Canada – 1-800-663-8255

Brazil – 0800 70 77 590

Puerto Rico – 1-800-550-5658