Engine oil

For the recommended service intervals and warranties to be applied, an approved engine oil must be used.
P5-1946-Oil decal (US)
Location of warning decal for the engine compartment. The layout of the engine compartment may vary depending on model and engine variant.

Volvo recommends:

P5-1507-Castrol edge professional

If the engine oil is not checked regularly and the level becomes low, this could cause serious engine damage.


The decals shown in the Owner's Manual do not claim to be exact reproductions of those found in the vehicle. The purpose is to show approximately how they look and about where they are located on the vehicle. The information that applies for your vehicle in particular is found on the decal on the vehicle.


To satisfy the requirements for the engine's service intervals, all engines are factory-filled with a specially adapted synthetic engine oil. Great care has been put into the choice of oil, with consideration given to service life, startability, fuel consumption and environmental impact.

For the recommended service intervals to apply, an approved engine oil must be used. Only use the prescribed oil grade to top off or change the oil. Otherwise, there is a risk of the vehicle's service life, startability, fuel consumption and environmental impact being affected.

Failure to use engine oil of the prescribed grade and viscosity could cause damage to engine-related components. Volvo disclaims warranty liability for such type of damage.

Volvo recommends entrusting oil changes to an authorized Volvo workshop.

Symbols for low oil level

Volvo uses different systems to warn if the oil level is too low/high or the oil pressure is low. For oil pressure sensors, a warning symbol is displayed in the instrument panel when oil pressure is low P5-1546 Symbol low oil pressure – text. For oil level sensors, the P5-1546 Symbol warning – text warning symbol in the instrument panel and display messages are used to alert the driver. Some engine variants have both systems. Contact a Volvo retailer for more information.

Change the engine oil and oil filter according to the schedule specified in the Warranty and Maintenance Records Information booklet. Oils of a higher grade than that specified may be used. If the vehicle is driven in adverse conditions, Volvo recommends using an oil with a higher grade than that specified.