General information about range and battery temperature

Range in cold temperatures

The following section applies to hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

In cold ambient temperatures there is a risk that the battery will become so cold, that it can effect the driving range of the vehicle.This is typically a risk if the vehicle is parked in cold ambient temperatures. To avoid substantially reduced range after parking in cold ambient temperatures, the vehicle should be charged when parked.

To learn more about the effect of cold temperature to the battery and range, check the Range topic in the manual for your model. You will find it under Electric operation and charging.

General information about certified and experienced range

The following section only applies to fully electric vehicles.

The certified vehicle range is established through a series of clearly specified tests under controlled conditions. To ensure that the test results are repeatable, several vehicle features that consume power under normal driving are generally turned off. As a result, the certified ranges will generally be longer than what will be experienced in normal situations.

Long-term storage

The following section only applies to fully electric vehicles.

To minimize the risk of damage to the high voltage battery during long-term storage (longer than 1 month) it is recommended that the state of charge (SoC) is kept within a certain interval. It is advisable to check the state of charge (SoC) in the driver display on a regular basis.

Recommended state of charge (SoC) for long-term storage is 40-50%.

To learn more about long-term storage, check the Long-term storage of vehicles with high voltage battery or the Recommendations for high voltage battery (depending on your vehicle's model year). You will find it under Electric operation and charging in the manual for your vehicle model.

Browse your manual in the Electric operation and charging section for all battery and charging related information relevant to your vehicle.

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