Limitations of the Hold function

In some situations, the plug-in hybrid's battery level is affected even though the Hold function is being used.

When Hold is activated, the battery level is maintained while driving and can instead be used at a later time, e.g. when driving in city traffic. Less battery and more fuel is used to prevent the battery level from decreasing.

However, during heavier acceleration, when the vehicle is heavily loaded, driving uphill or towing, the hybrid battery is used and this will affect the battery level. This behavior is part of the vehicle's design and the purpose is to provide unaffected performance at any time.

Applicable models:

XC40 Recharge, all model years

S60 Recharge, V60 Recharge, S90 Recharge, V90 Recharge, XC60 Recharge, XC90 Recharge, model year Late 2022 and later

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