Keyless locking and unlocking

Keyless locking and unlocking*

Updated 1/31/2020

Keyless locking and unlocking*

With keyless locking and unlocking, touching the pressure-sensitive indentation on the door handle will lock or unlock the vehicle.


One of the vehicle's remote keys must be within range for locking and unlocking to be possible.

P5-1519- dörrhandtag beröringskänslig yta
Pressure-sensitive indentation for locking
Pressure-sensitive surface for unlocking


Please be aware that the system could be activated in a car wash if the remote key is within range.

Keyless locking

All of the doors have to be closed before the vehicle can be locked. However, the trunk lid can be open when a door handle is used for locking.

Touch the marked area on the outside of one of the door handles after the door is closed.

The lock indicator light on the dashboard will flash to confirm that the vehicle is locked.

To close all door windows at the same time - place your finger on the pressure-sensitive indentation on the outside of the door handle and hold it there until the side windows have closed.

Locking when the trunk lid is open


If the vehicle is locked and the trunk lid is still open, make sure that the remote key is not left in the trunk when the trunk lid is closed.

If the key is detected in the vehicle, the trunk lid will not lock when it is closed.

Keyless unlocking

To unlock, grasp a door handle or lightly press the rubberized button on the underside of the trunk lid handle.

The lock indicator light on the dashboard will stop flashing to confirm that the vehicle is unlocked.

P5-1817-S60-Boot lid handle

The rubberized button on the trunk lid can only be used for unlocking.

Automatic relocking

If none of the doors or trunk lid are opened within two minutes after being unlocked, they will automatically relock. This function reduces the risk of inadvertently leaving the vehicle unlocked.

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