Keyless locking and unlocking

Keyless trunk lid unlock*

Updated 1/31/2020

Keyless trunk lid unlock*

With keyless locking/unlocking, touching the pressure-sensitive indentation on the trunk lid handle will unlock the trunk lid.


One of the vehicle's remote keys must be within range behind the vehicle for unlocking to be possible.

P5-1817-S60-Boot lid handle

The trunk lid is held closed by an electronic locking mechanism.

To open:

Lightly press the rubberized pressure plate on the underside of the trunk lid handle.

The lock will disengage.

Lift the outer handle to open the trunk lid.


  • Only light pressure on the rubberized pressure plate is necessary to release the trunk lid's locking mechanism.
  • Use the handle to lift the trunk lid and do not apply force to the rubberized pressure plate. Too much force can damage the pressure plate's electrical connections.

Hands-free opening of the trunk lid is also possible using a foot movement under the rear bumper.

P5-15w19 - Tailgate Footmovement

Kicking motion within the sensor's activation area.

Make one slow forward kicking motion with your foot under the left section of the rear bumper. Take a step back. Do not touch the bumper.

A brief audible signal will sound when opening is activated – the trunk lid will open/close.

If several opening attempts have been made without the remote key in range behind the vehicle, foot movement operation will not be available for a short period of time.

Do not keep your foot under the vehicle in a kicking motion. This may prevent activation.


Please note that the system could be inadvertently activated in a car wash or similar if the remote key is within range.


Do not drive with the trunk lid open. Toxic exhaust fumes can be sucked into the vehicle through the trunk.

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