Locking and unlocking

Locking and unlocking

Updated 1/31/2020

Locking and unlocking

The vehicle can be locked and unlocked in several different ways.

The vehicle can be locked and unlocked

  • using the buttons on the remote key
  • with the detachable key blade (if the battery in the remote key is discharged)
  • keyless* (Passive Entry), the remote key must be within range
  • from inside the vehicle using the lock controls in the doors
  • with Volvo On Call.

There are also several types of remote keys that can be used.

For vehicles equipped with keyless locking and unlocking*, a smaller, lighter and button-less key is provided (Key Tag).

A Red Key* (restricted key) makes it possible to set restrictions for some of the vehicle's functions, e.g. maximum speed and maximum audio system volume.

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