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XC40 Recharge Pure Electric

Center display

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Center display overview

Many of the vehicle's functions can be controlled from the center display. The center display and its possibilities are presented below.

Handling the center display

Many of the vehicle's functions and features can be controlled and adjusted from the center display. The center display is a touchscreen that reacts to taps and other gestures.

Charging in the vehicle's center display

The center display can be used to set charging level, unlock the charging cable and set current intensity (amperage).

Center display views

The center display is automatically activated when the driver's door is opened.

Handling tiles in the center display

The center display's Home and App views contain expandable tiles.

Symbols in the center display status bar

Overview of symbols displayed in the center display status bar.

Moving apps in the center display

App view consists of four tiles containing apps that can be moved and organized according to preference. Expand a tile for access to additional apps than those displayed. Recently installed apps are placed in App view.

Message in the center display

The following illustration shows how messages and notifications may appear in the center display in different situations.

Keyboard in the center display

You can use the keyboard in the center display to enter characters or to switch to handwriting mode to "write" letters and characters on the screen.

Entering characters, letters and words by hand in the center display

Characters, letters and words can be entered in the center display by handwriting them on the touchscreen.

Changing keyboard language in the center display

In order to toggle between keyboard languages, the languages must first be added under Settings.

Date and time

The clock is shown in the center display, where it is also possible to adjust settings for date and time.

Navigate in the Owner's Manual in the center display

The digital Owner's Manual can be accessed from the center display.