Instrument panel

Instrument panel

Updated 11/29/2021

Instrument panel

The instrument panel displays information related to the vehicle and driving.

The instrument panel contains gauges, indicators and monitoring and warning symbols. What is shown in the instrument panel varies depending on the equipment, settings and functions currently active.

The instrument panel is activated as soon as a door is opened. The instrument panel will power down if it is not used but will be reactivated again if any of the doors are opened or the vehicle is started.


If the instrument panel turns off, does not activate when the ignition is switched on, or part/all of the panel cannot be read, do not drive the vehicle. Consult a workshop immediately. Volvo recommends an authorized Volvo workshop.


If the instrument panel is not functioning properly, information about brakes, airbags or other safety-related systems may not be displayed. The driver will then not be able to check the status of the vehicle systems or receive relevant warnings and information.

P5P6-2040-iCup-Driver display
Location in the instrument panel:

Left side

In the center

Right side

Indicator and warning symbols

Indicator and warning symbols

Indicator and warning symbols



Power meter

Cruise control/speed limiter information

Messages (also graphics in some cases)

Trip odometer

OdometerTotal distance.

Door and seat belt status

Selected direction of travel

Driver support system

Battery gauge

App menu (activated using steering wheel keypad)

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